Reach for the stars. Go get your dreams. Take that leap of faith.

Take a pick from the above clichés. We all have heard them before. We have all these inspirational quotes pinned at our desk, saved our phones. We get that rush of adrenaline when we hear stories about inspiration and dreams coming true.

But ladies what are YOU doing about your OWN dreams? Surely many of us want to follow our dream and have a goal to pursue but are we doing something entirely different? Dreams are something that keep us going. Achieved dreams no matter how small or trivial they might seem to others, will give you such pleasure and contentment that years of working hard at a job sometimes, just can’t.

If Rapunzel from Tangled had not dared to dream, she could not have seen the floating lights. That was a small dream but how much it meant to her. Your dreams are your OWN no matter how small or big, nobody but YOU are going to achieve them for you.

Read on below for steps that will help you follow your dreams:

    1. Take Action:

      You should have a regular progress. Are there any steps you can follow today to pursue your dream? What steps will get you closer to your dream in next week? You need to be committed and take regular action.


    1. Resource Check:

      What skills, experience and knowledge do you currently possess? Assess yourself and know whether your knowledge and skills are enough to follow your dream? What things do you need to learn or have to follow your passion? Make a list of things that will help bridge the gap between you and your dream.


    1. Persistence:

      No pain no gain. Along the path to achieving your dreams, you may come across hurdles and some setbacks as well. The key is to be persistent and resilient. Life is not smooth and following your dreams is about navigating your ship through challenges and overcoming hurdles.


    1. Dare to Dream:

      This one is kind of given but yes, there are women who are afraid to dream sometimes because they lack the courage to go after them. You want something, you have to dream for it and let it become your desire. Then think of manageable steps for pursuing them so you do not get overwhelmed. Going on in steps make it manageable.


    1. Right Support:

      Having close friends, your “person” or a family is a must for your development. Sometimes we undermine ourselves thinking we are not good enough or we can’t do this…etc. But having the right kind of people behind you who praise, appreciate, encourage and support you emotionally help you in developing that confidence in yourself. They help us in our journey to make our dreams a reality.


    1. Options:

      You have a dream and have decided to follow it. You always should have an effective Plan B as well. Explore all the options you can choose to get your dream.


  1. Review:

    Keep a check of everything that you learn along the way. Make a small journal and learn from your experiences and adapt yourself to what you need to do differently.

Make a plan, stick to it and there is NOTHING to stop you from following your own dreams!

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