As fall approaches, we begin to experience change in every sense of the word. We get busier, our sleeves get longer, and days get shorter. Even Game of Thrones has come to an end! The carefree, aloof vibe we carry with us through summer tends to dissolve as we approach the autumn months, and our energy is transformed into something more serious. For a while I mourned the passing of summer, and was frightened by my transformed energy and perspective. As time passes though, I am learning to welcome this new era with open arms.

The ebbs and flows of life can be found in physical form and in spiritual form. The greatest physical shift occurred in my life with the eclipse. The things in my life began to feel heavier, I felt out of control of my own life, and was having difficulty adjusting to the shifts the earth had presented to me. In a sense, this otherworldly phenomenon was an awakening into the new reality we were approaching.

While change can be difficult to grow accustomed to, it welcomes new opportunities, new experiences, and new people into our lives. Routines shift and even our own insights begin to evolve. This is the spiritual part of change. Taking notice to these alterations in your life can lead to either frustration or gratitude, and that part is a choice. I have decided to choose gratitude, and to take advantage of the novelty I am finding myself engrossed in socially, internally, environmentally, and academically. I hope you will take that leap of faith with me!




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