I am presenting a challenge for all women who have ever felt discounted, by themselves or by others. This is a challenge to crush fear and come out empowered, and returned to your true self. This is a challenge to live instinctually. Purely woman and purely you.

First, lets talk about what it means to live instinctually, and why this challenge is so important. As human women, many of us learn over time to be submissive to the opinion of others. Or maybe we begin to tell ourselves “I can’t because…” Or perhaps “my voice is less important because….” We have heard this a lot, seen this a lot, and therefore we start cutting ourselves down without even realizing it. Living instinctually means to be totally attune to all that is occurring in your mind, body, and soul. And to act upon it. Now is the time to realize that these occurrences are not side-stories to be kept silent beneath tight skin.

They are THE story. They are you.

Living instinctually is very spiritual and takes unwavering bravery. Often times, the scariest places to go are within us. There is a reason so many of us have cages around our huge hearts. Thick skin blanketing a tender soul. There is pain and uncertainty in living instinctually, but there is complete and total purity. By listening to your own body, mind, and soul, and acting upon their desires, you are living as YOU and you only. You are freeing yourself from the calamity of a million expectations.

So, let your voice howl like thunder at night, and let your heart bleed where it may ache. Own everything you feel and verbalize it. Speak up when you disagree. Go climb the mountain you keep telling yourself “you can’t possibly do.” Be a magnet, go where you are pulled. Turn your eyes inward and your nose upward. Follow it where it may lead you and you will do things you never knew you were capable of.

[For more interest, check out the book Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. “Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman.”]



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