Starting anything can be very hard. Ideas are fun, but preparation and actually getting yourself to the starting line can feel impossible when it is so easy to give up. One thing that I have found to be extremely empowering is relying upon my tribe of women to broaden my horizons, test my limits, and prove how strong we are when we conquer something together.

Last weekend I was exhausted. I did not want to do anything. I was in a “sit around the house” mood after a grueling week of work. But my best friend whom I only get to see a couple times out of the year suggested we meet for a hike up on Independence Pass early in the morning. Part of me dreaded it, but I said yes because she is always the driving force in some of my best stories to date.

The hike was magical, therapeutic, and thrilling. The air was so fresh it felt like an entirely new taste, and the flowers were so colorful along the trail, it looked like they knew we were coming. I thought the 4 mile drive on a dirt road would kill me in my boyfriend’s Mini Cooper, but its a hilarious story I wouldn’t have without that day. There is nothing more powerful than the energy of a good friend and the force of nature. These are where our roots are, and we will always be drawn to them.

It is easy to lose accountability for yourself. It is easy to turn away from a difficult challenge, and everything always seems daunting when you are alone. But the energy that surges through a tribe of empowered women makes everything fun, energetic, and exciting. The difficulty seems to take a backseat to the beauty.

Right now, if you are looking for that tribe, you have found one here at Adventure Standard. Furthermore, look into groups in your hometown. Runners, hikers, bikers, artists, techies, writers, whatever it may be. There is a tribe for you out there it and is crucial in harnessing your womanhood and your true capacity as an adventurer.


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